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Factoring is a great option for companies when they need funding up front to be able to complete a job or order. But it’s not just about the quick turn around and available cash, factoring actually helps companies grow.

Despite the recovering economy, American Wholesale Service of North Arlington has managed to increase it’s work for and provide and even better service, delivering meals to the disabled and home bound tenants around the city of New York.  They wanted to increase their fleet to be able to reach another 50 homes but couldn’t get any finance from lenders so the decided to turn to factoring instead.

Due to the economy, banks are so reluctant to lend money, so factoring is an incredible option, is quick and you only borrow the amount of money actually invoiced to customers.

So, Factoring has helped American Wholesale Service grow, increase its fleet and provide jobs to those who may have lost their job due to other small businesses going under.


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