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Current SME Trends launched a new Annual SME trend survey yesterday to get under the skin and gain insight into the different issues, challenges and opportunities which face SME’s in the UK. Questions detail the projected problems that businesses face over the next 12 months. Due to the stability of SME’s and the effect they will have on the UK’s economy.

To build a detailed strong picture, questions are being asked firstly about advertising and marketing spend, projected revenue and funding sources.

The survey also wants to pin point how SME’s are moving forward with or without funding.

The Survey conducted by will include a large sample of SME’s from different industries and the results will be published on their site in October 2011

If you’re a UK business you can take part in the survey by clicking here plus if you will be put into a draw to win a Kindle and Book Gift Certificate.

Simply business launched in 2005, providing full service incurnaces to millions of small and medium businesses in the UK, whos needs were negleted by the other insurances brokers. Where previously attaining business insurance from brokers couldbe a slow arduous process, Simply business created a fast agile system to provide very specific bespoke insurance to small and medium businesses. Simply business offers online support to businesses and has a dedicated UK Based team of specialists.

Simply Business provides insurance for over 170,000 small businesses in the UK, which is more than any other business insurance broker. It has been in the Sunday Times top 100 companies 3 times, employs 140 people over 2 offices and has increased revenue by 44% in 5 years.

The Select Factoring team suggest considering insurance for your small to medium business, even if you are a sole trader, because it provides complete protection from unseen problems which could occur.




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