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Costs and overheads

Like most domestic properties, businesses have overheads and outgoing  costs as well. These are heightened compared to home users due to the running of electrical goods, machinery and so on.

Companies have had to become savvy due to the recession and try to improve their bills by changing suppliers, recycling and taking on an eco outlook, to try to generate their own power. Some of these solutions are backed by government funding and they will try to support businesses when going green.

Despite these great ways of conserving energy, many businesses have been finding their domestic bills a bit of a headache. In the news this week there is a glimmer of hope.

Npower one of the leading providers of gas and electricity, has announced that from the 1st of February this year they will be cutting their prices by up to 5%. This is a big move considering the rumour that most suppliers will be increasing prices this year. Although some promise to fix prices for the next 5 years.

It’s a difficult situation to be in when you can’t raise the funds to pay your electric and gas bills as a business, luckily there are a range of alternative funding methods that will bring cash into your account very quickly and these include Factoring and Invoice discounting.

Other big companies are following suit in the decrease in power supplies, so why has this happened?

Lets just say, blame it on the weather- but in a positive way. Due to the incredibly mild winter we’ve experienced in the UK there has been less demand for power, which allows these companies to lower their prices.

Npower and other companies had hiked their prices up by 15% in October 2011 in preparation for a harsh winter but it never arrive.

Thank goodness for mild winters- although we do miss a bit of snow!

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