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Change in Ethos Equals Growth?

According to new research carried out by technology company Node4, customer centric businesses are the key players in achieving growth within the UK market. This includes many service sector businesses, which account for three quarters of business activity in the UK. Although this particular sector has seen improvements in recent times, there’s clearly still room for growth.

This new injection of energy into such a key sector could be provided by an improvement in the way services are delivered. According to Andrew Gilbert, Managing Director of Node4, this could take the form of changing a company’s ethos to incorporate values that improve treatment of customers; he believes this could go a long way in delivering the progress that’s needed to help the UK economy recover more strongly.

He commented further; “It is vital for any business to place emphasis on the customer. As a company we follow the philosophy of celebrated business leader Tony Hsieh to have core values that are based on how companies should treat their employees, partners and customers. The service sector is very fragile at present and creating a culture that promotes self evaluation and open and honest relationships with customers and employees, will always benefit a company. Strong positive relationships with our customers, partners and employees are what differentiate us from other data centre and communications specialists in what is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace.”

This is all very well, but you need to have sound finances before you can start to think about tailoring your company ethos to the market place – after all, if you’re living month-to-month there are going to be few resources left for this sort of forward planning. Alternative finance could help your business, and has done much to help numerous companies in the service sector; invoice finance can help to release cash flow and inject working capital into your business, so you can start to think about the longer term picture.

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