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Centric fuels the fire

Plumbing and electrical skills are always readily needed across the UK and this week a course provider has received a financial boost thanks to Centric Commercial Finance.

New Career Skills Ltd (NCS) opened a new training base and offer a range of courses including plumbing and electrical, so that people could gain experience and qualifications. Their new training centre is based in Watford.
The financial £1.2 Million boost from Centric allows students to extend their finances. It has also allowed NCS to provide the most state of the art training and equipment for the students.

“One of the company’s key benefits is that it offers people looking to retrain the funding with which to do so. With 8,000 enquiries a month we could see enormous potential in NCS. We could also see that the company’s growth was particularly dependent on funding.”

NCS used a form of funding named invoice discounting, which allowed them to gain capital from a range of invoices.

This also allows companies to be incredibly flexible and run their own accounts, chasing their own clients for payment.

This simple solution allows money to be advanced into business which can create a great boom, allow companies to continue trading and also grow and expand.

Invoice discounting isn’t the only solution for companies to gain some quick finance. Factoring and selective factoring still use invoices as a point of gaining capital, but in these instances companies can offer all or a select few of their invoices to financial lenders and everything will be taken care of.

If you like the sound of not having to chase clients but having the finances up from, speak to a factoring lender to find out about the range of solutions available to your business.

Centric is one of the biggest lenders in the UK and is a proud affiliate of Select Factoring.



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