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Business travel is can be sometimes a tricky subject, both for the employee with no expenses and those who are lucky enough to have them.

For companies, business travel can cost them thousands a year, in terms of hire lease, or purchasing vehicles for employees to use, then there is the care and service to those particular cars.

If you are an employee and tend to travel, you will realise that gone are the days of 79p petrol, in fact it is costing on average £60 a week for people to fill up their cars, which is a bill of £240 month. Then there is tax, MOT, servicing and tyres, it’s an expensive hobby.

Some cars now offer the ability to combine petrol and electric power which can be very cost-effective, but the outlay for these hybrid cars is incredibly expensive.

For those living and working inner cities and on the outskirts the major cities tend to run extremely good bus services which, if you purchase a year ticket, will cost the equivalent of £1 a day. When you consider the cost of that compared to two months of petrol it seems like a very alluring deal. Plus it is a lot better for the environment.

For companies needing to expand their business and provide travel and transport for their employees, you may need to purchase vehicles or consider hiring them, but if you have a lack of cash to do such things, there is a simple solution.

Invoice discounting allows you to gain the capital from invoices that you send to clients. An Invoice Discounter will advance you the money, if the clients are credit worthy and you continue to chase the clients for payment in the normal way.

This enables companies to purchase items, such as cars and transport, to get their business on the road.

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