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As we plunge into the minus figures of temperature and parts of the country brace themselves for snow, the media has whipped us up into a frenzy about the snow. But does it get so bad that it affects business? And, why, in the UK, are we hopeless at dealing with it?

The last month has seen some of the biggest falls of snow in Europe, in those areas that are totally used to season snowfall, they are well equipped. Despite 6 feet of snowfall the Europeans continue to go to work, take children to school, it isn’t a major issue.

However, the UK has suffered great financial loss due to the snow fall over the past few years. Because we are not so well equipped, roads are blocked or not gritted and cleared and generally, because we’re not used to such conditions, there are only a tiny percentage who can drive in these conditions.

So, people stay at home, not so bad for those who are freelance or can conduct business over the internet and phone.

In February 2009 it was estimated that the UK lost £1.2 billion, due to the most snowfall the country had seen in 18 years.

As a business, what plans can you have in place to reduce the effects of snowfall? At the end of the day, it is not worth risking accidents to get into work, but what you can do is give staff an access point to “log” them into work. Offering ways to connect and continuing work will reduce those elements.

At least people will be in the comfort of their own homes, some may thing that this wouldn’t work, unfortunately, if you do run a business, there must always be a risk plan involved, so if things such as snowfall occur, there are ways to continue running the company.


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