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Bonus? What Bonus?

In the news this week, the government wants to take steps to freeze any pay rises and bonuses when it comes to CEO’s and directors of large firms including banks. It seems to be a trend that certain people have received huge amounts of money when it comes to an annual bonus, yet the country still struggles on.

On a positive note, Lloyds Bank Chief- Anotonio Horta-Osorio has actually declined his 2011 bonus and the reason for this is the stress and fatigue that has been caused by this very worrying time. He also realises that due to time off, the impacts have been felt through Lloyds.

“My leave of absence has had an impact both inside and outside the bank including for shareholders”, Mr Horta-Orsorio acknowledged

Lloyds chairman Sir Winfried Bischoff said: “Under Antonio’s leadership, the bank made significant progress last year in its transformation against a very difficult economic backdrop.”

Will anyone else be declining their bonus? Not on the basis of leave, but in a bid to show that they are willing to help out and want the economy to be boosted? We are not sure.

It can be quite frustrating for those not at a level to receive huge amounts of money from a bonus. It also brings up ways that we can gain funds from the banks and other streams to allow not only our domestic life to be at a level that we deem appropriate, but also for those companies that want to expand and do not have the funding to do so.

Hopefully 2012 will bring a positive outlook but we will be sure that the media will pick up all of those candidates who have received huge annual bonuses.

Some will be against them and some will believe that they have worked to receive them.

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