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Best Credit Card deal ever?

Halifax announced last week, the launch of a 22 month 0% interest credit card, which is possible the longest deal ever offered by a Credit Card Company. This deal includes a 3.5% fee, with a transfer limit of £3000, or another option includes the 17 month 0% balance transfer with a 3% fee card.

Both cards offer an APR of 17.9% and 0% on purchases which offers customers much more choice in how they choose and use the credit card facilities.

Rival to Halifax, Santander launched is own new product the 123 Cash back Credit Card which offers customer the chance to claim cash back every month based on their credit card spending.

Do all these offers make a difference or simply hook people in to creating more financial problems for themselves.

If you’re financially savvy you can use these cars to pay off any debts which incur interest. you want to reach a point where you’re not paying any interest on the money. So for instance if you have a loan of £2000 at 8.9% you can pay this off with the balance from the new credit card then you have up to 17 months to re pay the bill before the interest is being applied. Imagine the money you save by doing thing this way and being clever with your finances.

However it is quite simple to have the best interests to start with then months down the line the date of applied interest gets nearer and nearer and you start to panic. The best thing to do is make a plan with credit cards, by paying off the amount in full every month, not only is mindful your credit rating gets a better score. If you do decide to take out a credit card to use the 0% facilities make sure you plan to pay it off within the time, set up a direct debit which pays more than the minimum amount every month and you’ll have paid it off in no time. No interest and money saved.

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