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Believe these and go bust.

People had very different views about money, my partner for instance, was bought up to take on the role of a provider. He works very hard and is very shrewd with his money. The positives being he has his own house, and a large savings pots. Fantastic. Me on the other hand have had bad experiences in the past with money, but I’ve learnt the hard way and now I can say I am in a comfortable position.

There are some real money myths out there, fish wives tales and so on, if you’re inclined to believe them, say  goodbye to the savings, if however you take them with a pinch of salt, you’ll be more money savvy, and won’t end up with huge amounts of debt.

If you’ve been given a salary increase at work that pushes you into another tax bracket, you’ll actually take home less money. Nonsense. The tax you pay in a higher bracket is calculated on the more money you earn, not as a whole. If you are worried, there are plenty of tax free saving plans on the market.

Renting is like throwing money away. Rubbish. Its a basic means of living, if you can’t afford a mortgage or don’t want to be tied down and have flexibility, then renting is perfect. Even if you did own your own property there are plenty of throw away expenses like interest and taxes.

You get what you pay for, in some aspects this is true, but higher prices doesn’t always mean better quality. You have to weigh up the pros and cons and that really can be down to personal choice.

I don’t earn enough to start saving. This is one of the worst excuses, you can open a savings account with as little as £1 these days. Obviously the higher earning interest accounts want you to place more money into them, which if you are savvy you could have your wages paid in every month then simply move your money around to make the most of the interest.

Having a credit card improves my credit rating. Yes but only if you pay the balance off in full every time.

Owning property is a sure fire investment. This is true only if your investment increases in value, which in the current market is incredibly difficult, and unrealistic.

There are hundreds of myths that need to be stopped, the savvy money maker will research online and talk to financial institutes and funding companies  to make the most of their money.

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