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Tough Conditions for 2013?

While there’s still some hope that 2013 will be a year that UK recovery starts to show itself, according to research by Business Environment, many companies are expecting the tough economic conditions to persist throughout the next 12 months. This recent poll of 300 senior businesspeople has reported some serious pessimism amongst the business community, calling into question the viability and confidence that many have in the economy’s ability to bounce back in the next year.

Only 33% of respondents believed that the economy would make significant progress towards over the course of the coming year. While this is higher than the same time last year, it’s still a view that’s in the minority. Only 37% believed that the government’s approach to the economy would be rewarded, showing there was some support for its economic measures but clearly, there are issues that need to be addressed with its actions.

One area where businesses seemed to be more optimistic was in regards to the Euro – 39% believed that the Eurozone crisis would come to an end, almost double the number who were predicting the break up of the Eurozone (20% of respondents). Hopefully this will pick up confidence in regards to Europe and perhaps get more businesses thinking about exporting, a key area which the government has highlighted to help growth for the small business community.

However, the overall outlook is still a bit gloomy. David Saul, managing director of Business Environment, said; “With the exception of the Eurozone… the clear feeling in the business community is that the constant flow of gloomy news will not abate any time soon. Companies have become reconciled to austerity, and it now feels like a permanent thing.”

If we are to experience growth, there needs to be a bit of positivity amongst the business community – will 2013 be the year we finally see this?

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